Implen Journal Club | September Issue

Here is our September issue of Implen Journal Club highlighting relevant publications where the Implen NanoPhotometer® helped researchers to unravel the mysteries of modern molecular biology.

 In the first issue we focus on the publication of Jeffrey Stolwijk, Kelly Falls-Hubert, Charles Searby, Brett Wagner and Garry Buettner from University of Iowa, published 2020 in Journal Redox Biology about glutathione peroxidase enzymes and their critical role in human health due to antioxidant functions. During their studies, the NanoPhotometer® was used to quantify PCOOH solution at 234 nm for the GPx4 assay.

The next Implen NanoPhotometer® Journal Club issue features the publication of Ha Neul Lee, Jea-Sung Ryu, Cheong Shin and Hyun Jung Chung from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology published 2017 in Wiley Macromolecular Bioscience about utilizing a Carbon dot–DNA assay for simple visualization of bacterial nucleic acid targets as a fluorescent nanosensor for simple, point-of-care detection, which can possibly expand the applicability of molecular diagnostics for human diseases, as well as for livestock surveillance or environmental purposes. The concentration of the Cdot solution was determined by measuring the absorption at 500 nm using a NanoPhotometer® and correlated with the results from elemental analysis.

The last one highlights the research of Markus V. Heppt, Benjamin M. Clanner‐Engelshofen, Enklajd Marsela, Anja Wessely, Claudia Kammerbauer, Bernhard Przybilla, Lars French, Carola Berking and Markus Reinholz from LMU Munich published 2019 in Wiley Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine about small molecules tackling mutated BRAF and the characterization of their phototoxic potential as well as reducing it by antioxidants in vitro. BRAF plays an important role during targeted therapy in a variety of cancer entities as mutations of BRAF have been found in more than 66% of human cancers. Ultraviolet‐visible spectra of the BRAF kinase inhibitors test compounds were determined with a NanoPhotometer® at various wavelengths.

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